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How many times can one person say “F$%K” at the gym….


I should start this off by saying that I like to consider myself “into’ fitness and nutrition.  I know what exercises to do to affect the muscles I’m working on, and I have a pretty decent knowledge base on basic nutrition and what I should be eating to maintain the body style that I want.    With that being said, I was at a weird place in my life during the second half of 2013.  I replaced going to the gym with watching every franchise of the Real Housewives and all the spin offs, along with countless hours of other smut tv. Instead of cooking meals at home, we ate out most meals or I heated up premade meals.   

Like EVERYONE else it’s a new year & a new me….blah blah blah!

I have a personal trainer who I trade services with and we decided to get back into a routine of him torturing me for 90 minutes at the gym, one day a week.   Well today was that day, & holy fuck!! I forgot how miserable it is to start back at the gym.

He had me doing a super set of 15 leg presses with a billion pounds, followed by lunges from one end of the gym & back, while holding 20lb dumbbells in my hand.   As I began the lunges, I was thinking to myself, “this is your fault, suck it up,” Which quickly turned into me saying, “fuck!” every time I went down into the lunge position.

Then we put legs on hold and went over to do some biceps/triceps….again, with dumbbells twice the amount of weight I thought we should be starting with.  I tried to focus and do the exercises, but the only way I could make it through my set was to say, “fuck” with every exhale. I made it through 90 excruciating minutes, but I’m sure not one minute went by that I didn’t say, “fuck, and that will continue to be the theme for the next few days.  When I go to sit down, I’ll say fuck, as my quads, hamstring and glutes burn and when I try to blow dry my hair tomorrow and my arms are too sore to hold up the blow dryer.

But I did it!  I survived workout #1 of 2014 and that will make workout # 2 and #72 that much easier.

Random:   Since I haven’t been eating well, I’m having a bit of trouble coming up with some good high protein snack ideas.  So if you have anything good, send them my way or some unique marinades for chicken & fish, as I will be cooking my own lunches and dinners again.




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