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Walmart… Please explain.. Please!!


I’m sure you’ve all noticed this before, or maybe not (my husband said he never noticed until I pointed it out & he really didn’t see the issue) BUT…. Walmart has the “Entrance/Exit” doors on the wrong sides. In America, it is customary that you walk, drive, run, even swim to the RIGHT. For some reason every other store has this correct except Walmart.

I’m wondering if this is some type of social experiment. How many customers can we confuse and/or irritate before they even make it into the store?!? It is natural that you walk in/out of the door on the right. Every time I’m at Walmart, I see people getting stuck in a traffic jam coming and going through the doors. This bleeds over into the general shopping experience; people enter the store via the left hand door and they lose all common sense. They continue to walk down the aisles on the left hand side, causing me to be super irritated that I run head on into someone’s cart, or I’m stuck waiting while someone decides which of the 20 BBQ sauce choices they are going to make today.

Can someone, anyone explain this to me?


One comment on “Walmart… Please explain.. Please!!

  1. LAMarcom
    March 7, 2014

    Ya know, you’re absolutely right. I cannot explain it, but thanks to you, I now know why there are so many confused people in Walmart. And all along I thought they were just stupid. Now I realize, it ain’t their fault.

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