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Daily prompt: Quirk or Habit: Did I marry a beaver?

Daily Prompt: Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

This was an easy daily prompt for me to write about, probably because I’m annoyed by it almost everyday.

Let me set the stage….

Image you and your significant other are snuggling on the couch watching a movie. It’s an intense scene, the background music has you drawn in, listening intently to the conversation and all of a sudden………..”tsk, tsk, chomp..teeth hitting against each other, a slight slurping sound.”  Is it the sounds of a beaver chomping on wood and dragging it through the swamp to his nearest damn?                     I sit up and crane my neck around, looking for the rabid mammal, that must be chewing on the back of my sectional.  Only to find, it’s my husband….biting his nails!  I’m not sure what bothers me more: the annoying sound of someone biting their nails or the disgusting aspect of putting ones fingers inside their mouth.    My first instinct is to smack him and say, “nail biter, knock it off”

Not really a quirk or habit, per say but I LOVE this one……..Everyday when I wake up, I can’t wait to go into the vanity area of my bathroom and find the note or drawing my hubby has left for me on the mirror.  Sometimes it is riddles, word puzzles, images, song lyrics…all letting me know that I am his queen and he loves me more today than the day we were married.  These little messages make me forget how much I want to kill him when he bites his nails  🙂



15 comments on “Daily prompt: Quirk or Habit: Did I marry a beaver?

  1. Lauren Kells
    January 12, 2014

    When you set the stage, I started to feel the rage! Except in my case it’s anonymous theater patrons. Why must they talk? Munch? Chew? Make any noise or movement at all? I have, I suppose unrealistic expectations for people in a theater with me. But I dream of total silence and immersion.

    • jesuswasaprimate
      January 12, 2014

      I’m right there with you, sometimes I get annoyed with my husbands breathing during movies…”must you breath? And disrupt my concentration?!?!!” I never complain about that one, since breath =life. Lol

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  8. Nicole
    January 12, 2014

    Lol, I understand where your husband is coming from, sometimes it’s so hard to resist my nails. I really love your post.

    • jesuswasaprimate
      January 25, 2014

      Ahhhh! Another nail biter…. Just don’t sit next to me during movies & I won’t hold it against you 😊

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