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Daily prompt: it’s still x-mas


Today’s daily prompt is about what holds you back from accomplishing what you want to in any given week.

For the past three weeks, I have been planning on taking down and putting away my Christmas decorations. I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas. I put up two 7 foot trees, a village with all the normal accessories, an extensive nutcracker collection and various other holiday tchotchkes that take up every spare space in the house. I wrap garland and lights on anything that will hold it and wreaths on every door. It’s takes an entire day to get all the decorations out and put up. It’s fun; I crank Christmas music and am full of excited energy for the holiday season.

Then comes the dreaded New Year’s Day, and it’s time to take down the decorations. I look at taking down the decorations the same way I view cleaning the house. I like to be home alone and have nothing else to do.

Last week, I was busy catching up with shows on the DVR. Countless hours of, Real housewives True Detective, the Following, Alaska the Last Frontier, Duck Dynasty, pre Super Bowl Coverage Vanderpump Rules, and who knows what else . I also took naps, went thrift store hunting, read blogs, and played Clash of Clans…. All way more important than taking down the Christmas decorations.

The goal is for them to come down before the Super Bowl party, but who knows….. There is no post holiday energy rush to put away nutcrackers and garland.

Ooops, thought I published this yesterday but saved it in my drafts

3 comments on “Daily prompt: it’s still x-mas

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  3. animar64
    August 9, 2015

    It’s your space…take your time!

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