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Common Sense Parenting 101

I am labeling this one Common Sense Parenting 101,because I am sure there will be MANY more to follow, as I have endless things to say about parenting. What is common sense parenting? If you had to ask…. This post is FOR YOU! Common Sense
Parenting is just that…using common sense while parenting.

Anyone who knows me in my personal life knows that I always say, “I don’t like other peoples children,” with a few exceptions of course.

I have realized though, that it isn’t the children I don’t like…. It’s the bad parenting.

Parenting is an interesting subject. If you visit your local book store you will see countless books on “parenting styles”
You don’t need to follow this “doctor” or that “doctor” or a certain religion or child behavioral expert. You need to follow common sense

Today I will start with my basic Common Sense Parenting strategies (digging deeper in later posts)

First off it is very important to teach your child manners and respect.
This can be started when you child is old enough to show you when they want something.
When your 13 month old baby is in a high chair and asking for more snack by saying, “mo” or whatever syllable they can utter. You respond with “more please” EVERY SINGLE TIME. Soon you will hear, “mo pe” and so on.
If your child had made it to age 10 and isn’t using manners it’s not to late. START now!

General respect for other people and their property is taught in many ways.
Leading by example, high standards of what’s acceptable at home and constant communication with your child. Hold doors for strangers, please & thank you, waiting patiently, not picking ones nose in public, speaking with an inside voice, turning down/off electronic noises & music when in a building, not taking phone calls in restaurants or waiting rooms, saying, “hello” to service workers, waiting your turn to speak…the list is endless.

It’s important for parents to follow the basics of common sense parenting

1). I, as the parent, am ALWAYS in charge. What I say goes. There is no discussion or argument. Parenting is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship. Parents are the leaders and children are the followers.

2) I, as the parent, am ALWAYS right. Even when I am wrong, I am right.

3) Always follow through. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you say you’ll take your child on a bike ride, do it! 20 minutes out of your day will have lasting impact on your child. At the same time; If you say, “do that again with the toy car and it is going in the trash” You must throw the car away if the child does it 1 more time. No more warnings or discussions. My biggest pet peeve is a parent who says, “do it one more time and I’ll spank you” child does it 6 more times and there is no spank in sight

4) celebrate your child’s accomplishments big & small

5) hug and kiss you child whenever they are within reach

6) tell your child you love him/her over & over & over again

7) ask meaningful questions.
“How was your day?” Is NOT a meaningful question. You will always get a one word response “fine or good”
Try “what was the best part of your day?” “Who did you play with at recess?” “What do you like about Joseph?”

8) listen when your child speaks

Everyone has their own view on discipline. It is my experience that if you start young, you will have no need for discipline by the time your child is 7 or so.
I do not believe in beating/hard spanking children. When my son was young, he would get a swat on the butt and time out.
At the age of 10 he knows the rules and has major respect for me. He does not need general discipline.
Reminders of what behavior is acceptable are given and constant communication.

I’d love to know what are your parenting pet peeves?



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