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It’s the little things.

I find that I am most often most impressed or irritated by the little things in life.

The tiny little things that mean nothing in the grand scheme of life.

The other day hubby and I pulled into the parking lot of a busy hardware store. As we were getting out of our truck we could hear a man yelling & cussing about something. As we walked past him and into the store we noticed that he was very irate that the car next to him had parked on the line, and the space between the vehicles was very small. My husband made eyes with another passer by, as if to say, “wow, he is having quite the temper tantrum.” About 20 minutes later we exited the store and the man was now sitting on the trunk of his car. My husband immediately realized the man couldn’t get into the driver side of the car because the other vehicle was so close. Hubby offered to pull the mans car out of the parking space, the man was very grateful, he told me he had two total knee replacements and couldn’t bend & twist to get into his car.

It was no big deal for hubby to jump in and back the car out, but it made me think of how trivial things impact peoples lives. Parking too close to the line may be no big deal for one person, but it will ruin the day of another person.

A few weeks ago I had some major dental work done. 3 hours in the dental chair getting my front teeth shaved down, gums sliced back and the area prepped for porcelain veneers. Needless to say, by the time I picked my son up from school and made it to the pharmacy for pain meds, I was in some serious pain. My son was standing next to me in line, he was talking incessantly about his day and asking question after question. I was doing my best to respond with grunts and nods, but my mouth was killing me  and I didn’t want to talk or even think, for that matter.  After a few minutes, I irritatingly said, “dude, my mouth is killing me, please just stand there quietly until we are done.”  There was a young man in line, in front of us, he had turned around a few times and smiled as my son was telling his tales from the day.  The young man offered for me to go in front of him; I declined.  I told him thanks, but I was ok.  He insisted and said he could tell I was miserable.    I attempted to smile with my half numb face,and then thanked him  with drool running out of my mouth.

In the grand scheme of life, I would have been fine waiting an extra three minutes for my turn at the pharmacy, but at that point in time, one minute felt like ten and I really appreciated him letting me go ahead of him in line.   It was that little gesture that made my day a little bit better.

It’s important to keep a good perspective on life, to pay attention to the small details of life.   Little inconsequential things we do may negatively or positively impact someones day.     Its my goal to make the little things count. kind



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