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I collect art

I collect art.

One of a kind, custom pieces of art.

I keep them with me everywhere I go.


My parents are super supportive and beyond words amazing. I have been working on ideas for a tattoo to honor them for quite some time.

I have a fantastic relationship with my mom. She is very strong & super opinionated. I’ve never met another person who loves harder than she does. She is an amazing seamstress and some of my best memories of her are the super creative Halloween costumes she always made us as children. Of course, at the time I wanted the plastic, power ranger suit with the awful one dimensional mask like my friends had. But looking back I was so lucky to have unique homemade costumes.
When my niece and son were born we BEGGED her to make costumes…. She didn’t disappoint




So I decided the perfect “Mom” tattoo would be a sewing machine.

I’m a totally Daddy’s girl. My dad is awesome and hilarious. We are very similar and yet very different. One passion we both share is playing craps. It was super easy to come up with ideas for my “dad” tattoo. Dice & poker chips.

My parents are not a fan of my art collecting, my mom calls tattoos “trailer trash”….. Needless to say, I was a tad nervous showing them my newest additions.

I walked into their house, held up my arm and said, “look mom!” She sank back in her chair and said, “why would you do that?!?”
I told her to put on her glasses and take a look.
She immediately softened up.
A slight smile came across her face.

Wow!! Mom didn’t tell at me!!

She said, “still trailer trash”

My dad doesn’t seem to mind my tattoos as much as mom, “that’s nice” is all he said.
I tried to convince him to get a craps tattoo with my name…. “NOT” was all he would say.




4 comments on “I collect art

  1. LAMarcom
    March 11, 2014

    Craps is the most exciting Casino game there is. Yes, I am a dice-degenerate. Ha! Been to Vegas so many times…
    Craps is basically an American game. It is rare to find a craps table in ‘other’ countries’ casinos. I did find one in Olongapo, Philippines though.
    It was rigged.
    “How does one ‘rig’ a craps game?” You ask.
    Well, just against the wall of the table, all around, they had put a little, about one half inch tall, rubber bumper. Of course more often than not a die would land on top and thus, showing two sides of the number. The dealers then would call the number: never in favor of the player, of course.
    Great post.
    Great tattoos.

    • jesuswasaprimate
      March 11, 2014

      I just got back from a 16 hour Vegas trip. Drive there- play craps all night- drive home. Had to get my dice fix on.

      Rigged craps… Never heard of such a thing. I’ll never play craps there 😉

      • LAMarcom
        March 11, 2014

        I am so jealous. I miss Vegas. Have not been since ’08.
        Hey, check out my post “Shoulda Left Las Vegas” when you have time.

  2. LAMarcom
    March 11, 2014

    Oh, and I love the Halloween costumes too.
    Halloween was the most important holiday in my house, growing up with my Father the physician/magician.
    Please check out my Post, Addams Family Values sometime and read about our ‘Halloween Tree.’ You might get a kick out of it.

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